LIA is an excellent institution to learn English.  The teachers are very skillful and the classes are comfortable. As it happens, I actually hate English Lesson in my school and I failed to go into my dream college because I didn’t have English skills.  I am glad I study at LIA for three years now , beacuse it improve my English a lot. Thanks God, with the teachings of the teachers and the help from LIA’S staffs, I was able to get a high score in my toefl test. Thanks a lot LIA.

Dedi Aprinaldy , Mahasiswa Magister ITB 2015

LIA, a joyful English course that I wanna be with. It’s not only a course but also  a way to made me more talkative and confident!

Atika Rizki, Mahasiswa Magister FE UI

It was a perfect terms when I was at LIA Medan. I think LIA is an amazing place to enrich our knowledge about English. I could see that the teachers are very competent at English . Thanks a lot LBPP LIA

Fawwaz Azmi, Mahasiswa Fakultas Teknik Kimia Unsyiah 2015

LIA is a proper place for learning English. In LIA, I took TP (Toefl Preparation) program. The teachers were so helpful , beside giving the summaries of the topic that the TOEFL countain in, they also give you the strategies to answer the question simply . As we know, if we can see the question in simplier way, the easier we find the answer then. LIA also provides many exercise of TOEFL before you face the final test. So , you won’t be hesitate while taking the real TOEFL. Come and join LIA now! Prepare yourself for the brighter future . To be success you need to take ladder, not the elevator. The more you prepare and practice , the more excellent you are in future.

Yesika Sitorus, Bachelor student, National Tsing Hua University , Taiwan

LBPP LIA Medan is not only an English course for me, but also my second home. I had been there  for almost three years. I got many good things, such as the lesson , many good friends and the fabulous staff and teachers. LIA Medan is part of my life which I am so grateful. By learning in LIA made me new person who dare to speak English.

(Desi Handayani Sagala , BKN staff)

If I wanna take an English course, I will make sure that not only the lesson is excellent , but also the mentor is someone who knows ‘how to teach’. I mean, there are so many great teachers, but most of them don’t understand their student, and don’t know what is the real problem of each student. It can make the student give up to learn English more. But in LIA, i get the complete package , and that is why now I am continuing my second year to study in LIA.

David Parulian Sinurat (Mahasiswa Fakultas Hukum USU)

Lots of people said it’s kinda hard to build self-confident when speaking in English, but LIA proved it wrong. I learn , I gain , I practice my English speaking skills easily with the help of LIA. It’s in LIA where I don’t have to be shy about my self to speak out. With fun-interactive teaching methods, qualified teachers and nice friends that you will meet here, it’s worth studying at LIA even if you have no need for English at all. Thanks to LBPP LIA Medan for the help of improving my English and makes me more confident. This is a great place to study in.

Hadi Fryanda, Mahasiswa Prodip III Keuangan STAN 2013

Honestly, I hate English so much because on my opinion , studying English at school is so boring. But since I study at LIA , it has changed. I met with the fun and smart teachers and my classmates are very friendly and humorous too. All of LIA ‘s staff  are playful and lively . And now, I love English so much.

Elfauza Kurniawan, (Pegawai Bank BRI Medan)

It’s have been 2 years since I took English course in LIA. My brother suggested me to choose LIA .  Why must LIA? LIA has good services, good teachers. I feel comfortable in LIA . LIA has many activities , competition such as LEC (LIA English Club), charity event, etc. And I’ve never known that other courses give the same activities  like LIA. In LIA, I got one important thing that: we have to be brave to speak English in front of many people. Cause, my teacher in LIA said, “speaking has no rules!” So, you must to speak English eventhough your English isn’t fluent yet. People can understand what you mean. Because of that, at LIA class, when my teacher asked me, I could answer that, haha… Ijust be brave to answer that, and then teacher correct my sentences.

Rebeca Yuniarti, Mahasiswa Fakultas Ekonomi Jurusan Akuntansi USU

Saya menjadi pintar dan menguasai materi-materi yang diberikan dan membuat saya menguasai lebih banyak vocabulary yang belum saya ketahui

Mia Ratri Pertiwi