Our Staff


lbpp lia medan MISS MERY NAME : Gusmeri
BIRTHDATE : August 17
POSITION : Coordinator of Human Resources & General
EMAIL ADDRESS : hrd.lbppliamedan@gmail.com
MOTTO OF LIFE : Besides learning from our own mistakes, we should start seeing the future and appreciate others and the road ahead is open to lead us to success and happiness
ABOUT ME : I have been fond of math since i was a child that’s why i like counting. It helps me a lot in doing my job at LIA. I enjoy working with numbers so that i am enthusiastic in finishing my work
HOBBY : Listening to music and reading novel

lbpp lia medan Feby Mazila Nasution NAME : Feby Mazila Nasution
BIRTHDATE : February 17
GRADUATED FROM : Universitas Sumatera Utara
POSITION : Administration Coordinator
MOTTO OF LIFE : Always try to do your best, but let God finish it for you ( Do your best and God will do the rest)
ABOUT ME : I like to meet new people. Not only to give them information or serve them best but also how to maintain a good relationship with them. The simple ways are greeting and giving your best smile to your customer
HOBBY : Reading and browsing the internet


no_photo NAME : Zainal A Gultom
BIRTHDATE : December 24
POSITION : Security guard
MOTTO OF LIFE : Keep your spirit grow
ABOUT ME : I try to do my best to keep everything safe at LIA. Safety security is my priority
HOBBY : Swimming