LIAYAYASAN LIA as the most well known learning institute in Jakarta provides educational services with language as its main option. The foundation upholds its motto “A Small Effort for the Sake of People’s Education”.

Established on 7 September  1959, YAYASAN LIA started out with the name Lembaga Indonesia Amerika, to be changed later to Perhimpunan Persahabatan Indonesia Amerika, shortened to PPIA. LIA started its first activity by opening classes for around 40 college students, a number which at present stands at approximately 70000. PPIA’s mission is to enhance friendship between America and Indonesia through English classes, art-related events, concerts, film showings, exhibitions and other cultural programs.

In  order to enhance its mission in education, in 1986 YAYASAN LIA was established as an entity legally sepearated from PPIA. Since then LIA has been the official name of the foundation, abandoning its mark as an abbreviation or acronym. Whereas PPIA remains focused on its cross-cultural mission. YAYASAN LIA’s main involvement is in language education and professional training programs for such skill as required in information management computer accounting and hotel management.

As part of its long term plan for growth, YAYASAN LIA has over the years been able to succesfully run six business units, namely : LBPP LIA (LIA Institure of Language and Professional Training), STBA LIA (LIA Institute of Foreign Languages) Jakarta and Yokyakarta, PP LIA (LIA Publishing Center) and Dapen LIA (LIA Pension Fund). A new unit, KPT LIA (LIA Coorperation, Development and Translation Unit), was established in 2011.


(LIA Institute of Language and Professional Training)


LBBP LIA, a non-formal educational institute, offers programs of General English and English for Specific Purposes, Bahasa Indonesia for expatriates, as well as Professional Training in the form of regular and one-year programs.

LBPP LIA’s activities are conducted in 66 Brances, spread out in 18 provinces throughout Indonesia, aiming to achieve LIA’s vision of being the most widespread educational center in Indonesia. At present, student population number over 70000. Besides “inside” classes at the LIA premises, LBPP LIA runs “outside” classes on-site that is, at participant’s workplace or palce of study.

Pursuing LIA’s aim to become the best in its field, LBPP-LIA’s language and professional training programs are supported by a staff of above 1000 teachers, who have been through a careful recruitment process before undergoing LIA’s reputable TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Training, which is the responsibility of the Department of Teacher Training and Development. LBPP LIA can boast other academic departments those in charge designing the course curricula, material and tests, adhering to the approach and methodology of teaching and learning  for communication, and the principle that “Learning is Fun”. LIA’s support staff comprises a solid organizational structure of finance, administration, operations, human resources, marketing, product development, and quality control.

Worthy of note is LBPP LIA’s proud achievement of year 2010 : The LIA International Conference in Sanur, Bali, which took up the current theme of “World Englishes Across Cultures”. The conference, attend by close to 400 participants, not only attracted scholars from over 20 countries, but also a prestigious line of international speakers, and was hailed  by all as a great success academically as well as organization-wise. An outstanding product of LBPP LIA is its EPT (English Proficiency Test), recognized throughout Indonesia as accurate measurement for a TOEFL prediction score. A number of reputable state and private universities have set the EPT standard as prerequisite for entry into their post-graduate programs.

Beside EPT being used as a benchmark for a TOEFL prediction score by an ever-increasing number of the community, RI ministries, BUMN and private companies regularly use EPT for recruitment of new employee’s English competence in view of job promotion. LBPP LIA having outlets in almost all corners of Indonesia is a valuable asset as the EPT can be conducted not only in its Jakarta center but in outside areas also.