In-House Training Yayasan Seri Amal Medan Partnered with LIA Medan

As part of Bilingual Class Preparation Yayasan Seri Amal partnered with LIA Medan in preparing their human resources (teachers) of Yayasan Seri Amal for teaching Bilingual Class. Teachers of SMP Putri Cahaya, SMP Ignasius, SMA Cahaya and SMA Ignasius had joined the English For Content Teacher class since February 2022 – June 2022. The class was designed to assist science teachers of Yayasan Seri Amal to be able to present the lesson to the students in English well. The teachers were prepared and tested before the training so that they have the capacity to join the training.

Why Bilingual Class
Bilingual Class nowadays is a trend in education. The size of our globe is shrinking. Communities that were once isolated must now learn how to interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds. As global markets become more interconnected, there is an increased demand for bilingual individuals who can operate in and contribute to international markets. Being bilingual (and multicultural) better prepares people with language skills as well as crucial social abilities needed to collaborate with people from different countries and cultures. Therefore, investing in bilingual education can give students the tools they need to be more competitive in the global workforce.