Entering the year 2020, LB LIA Medan started a new learning methodology that is called Flipped Learning Methodology. It is used to accomodate the 21st century students way of learning, who are categorized as the Gen Z and Alpha. They were born and lived in the digital era where the ease of accesing the internet has enabled them to obtain information from different sources easily and quickly. Teachers and books are not the only sources to get information anymore. The high exposure of social media in the early ages makes them having shorter attention span, however they are more multi-tasked than the previous generations are.
The changes related to the technology advances that affected the way the students learn nowadays must be followed by the changes in learning methodolgy if LIA wants to have better learning outcomes for the students. Teachers should not be the center of the learning process as is in the conventional methode but students are (student-centered learning) , teachers are the facilitators. This can be happened with the “flipped Learning” which is currently being used widely in educational institutions . As an educational institution that has been established for 60 years in english learning, LIA sees that it is important to make this change if LIA wants to grow especially to produce graduates who are ready to compete in the global society.