This time, LBPP LIA uses its birthday moment to share knowledge with people anywhere throughout Indonesia, especially with those who cannot afford to pay course fee. Let Indonesian generations get benefit from the results of our 56-year hard work because love and knowledge have one thing in common; both live on giving and sharing. It is also one of the ways how LIA shows its commitment in developing Indonesian human resources.

LIA Medan team held LIA Goes to Community (LGtC) at Rumah Baca Bakau, Percut on September 28, 2015 by teaching 10-15 old children English for free in 1 session. If we can equip and motivate them with English skills this time, someday, the nation generation that we teach will be successful like you and more people will be moved to do the same in helping the less fortunate. From Sabang to Merauke LBPP LIA called its 56 branches to engage in working on charitable activities, LGtCs in their respective regions at 2 to 4 P.M.. LIA has made it clear that it will not happen without solidarity (one vision, one heart, one mind). It was amazing. How consistent LIA personnels are in dedicating their life to education. All their works reflect their abundant joy. Those who did this LGtC expressed their happiness when helping the needy in Percut.

Muhammad Pradana Nugraha, one out of two LIA Medan students who taught 30 underprivileged children in Percut said, “I was very delighted despite feeling tired and hot while teaching them English. I love such a kind of charity.” Cipta Cindy Zebua, his partner in the team-teaching commented, “I had inner satisfaction when interacting with the students. I was very happy and satisfied to see them learn passionately and joyfully. They always responded us positively, participated actively in all the games, and kept drilling the expressions that we taught. Moreover, I heard them request, ‘Please come back tomorrow, Miss Cipta.’ I was really moved.” Evidently, our beloved students, Pradana and Cipta enjoyed the activity very much.

This LGtC event has made us understand that helping others takes sacrifice and sincerity. We sacrifice by giving what we have, such as time, money, mind, energy, self and our knowledge to improve the needy’s quality of life. By doing so, we give a good impact to them and find great satisfaction. Last, we also thank everyone who have helped us to make it happen. (Rubi)