Children’s English Club : Field Trip to the Fire Department

Children’s English Club of LBPP LIA Medan had a wonderful time at the Fire Department last Thursday, September ,22, 2015. Fifty students joined the field trip with all EC teachers. The fire fighters welcomed the children and teachers warmly. The visit was started by Mr. Tumanggor, one of the fire fighters telling the children what they should and shouldn’t do to avoid fire in their house. He also explained what the children should do if they were caught in a fire. They were very attentive to all the explanations given and also responsive to all the questions asked by the fire fighters. The most exciting part of the visit was experiencing how to extinguish the fire. First of all, one of the teachers, Mr. Deddi bravely tried to extinguish the fire with a wet sack. It was not as easy as it looked. Then all the students got turns to use the water hose from the fire brigade or the fire engine to put off the fire. They screamed when they managed to put off the fire . The children were very excited and they would never forget their experience on that day. Before going back home, the children were taken around the block on the fire brigades. They went home with big smiles and unforgettable memories Thank you to everyone who helped made this field trip exciting.