EC Parents Meeting and Workshop at LIA Medan

The English learning institute of which the students are known successful around the world, LBPP LIA, the Top Brand awardee of English for Children in 2014 and 2015 according to Marketing magazine, has helped thousands of children change their lives. In the recent EC Parents Meeting and Workshop last Thursday, July 30, 2015, LIA Medan changed parents’ views into an excellent way out to cope with difficulties in making their children speak English fluently and to create solutions for their big problems in improving their children’s English skills.

So far, most parents just let their children  review their lessons at home without interacting in English with them, and some just ask their children to translate their Indonesian words into English. The debate usually ends up at question Which way is better. There are a lot of methods done by parents to encourage their children to speak English, but most of them tend to be dictating, ordering or intimidating-instant ways to force them to speak up without making the language internalized maximally. This Parents’ Meeting and Workshop is more than just a meeting-about practicing new tricks (parents’ stimuli) to encourage children to speak English naturally. This meeting helped parents master creative and innovative ways to ask children in English at home regarding their levels.

In facing Asean Economic Community with urgent need of proficient English skills starting from childhood, English for Parents like what LIA simply taught in the workshop brings creative solution, motivation and improvement. By giving examples of open-ended questions and techniques of asking that we have got as an English learning institute, LIA shows the influence of English speaking parents at home. The question examples  given by Ms Rubintang during the workshop varied from questions about their children’s selves to those about their daily activities. The tips given by Ms Mayang were also various, including their acting out as if they were their children’s students at home and their asking children without intimidating or dictating. These examples of questions and tips are some applicable techniques to arise children’s eagerness to speak English wherever they go, also the way to build strong relationship between parents and children with the same perspective in improving children’s English skills. (Rubintang)