LIA International Conferences and Cultural Events on April 29th-31st , 2015 in Yogyakarta

LIA has successfully conducted an occasion entitled LIA International Conferences and Cultural Events with the issue of teaching English in 21st century in Yogyakarta  on Aprilth-31st, 2015 . The purpose of the activity is to enhance and update teachers can cope with the demand of quality as well as professionalism.

The 21st century English teaching involves technology.  Thus,  it has evolved into a digitally influenced process. When the impact seems to overlap with the essence or content of the subject and teachers’ quality , students might get drown into only the glitter use of technology escaping from the idea of how they are able to expose the four skills of English language. Scholars have to make a clear distinction whether technology helps them effectively within the learning or just make the delivery look catchy which doesn’t make a possitive effect on students’ improvement.

Technology, either the simplest kind or the most sophisticated one is to enable students to adapt and improve their critical thinking , creativity , communication and collaboration (the 4Cs). It is a tool to help them develop . on the other hand, teachers should be aware and skillful enough to blend all theories and execute them in their class. The blend between technology and activities that drive the 4Cs is the most comprehensive student oriented learning.

LIA Medan have proudly sent their representatives , Hardiansyah (presenter) and Frans Iwama ( Participant) to attend International Conference. The graceful Javanese  dancers welcame participants from overseas and nationwide. Right after that , the pleasant plenary was conducted the whole morning and afternoon on the 29th April, while at night , the event is officially opened. The following day , the conference held the parallel plenary in which Mr. Hardiansyah has a chance to present this presentation entitle “Making Learners Click with Digital Story Project by Implementing Ten-Step Process Advocated By Stroller.” It was a nice “go” and was proved afterward by one of the enthusiastic participants saying ‘It was interesting’. On Friday morning, April 31st the plenary discussion was conducted and all participants had photo session afterwards. The conference was officialy closed before midday.Hopefully LIA Medan teachers apply all interesting new techniques in class (FAI) IMG-20150527-WA0001