To Celebrate Kartini Day, LBPP LIA Medan Held Little Kartini Contest

LBPP LIA Medan conducted Little Kartini Contest for EC levels on April 21st 2015 to commemorate Kartini’s day dedication to Indonesia. In this event, the girl students were invited  to wear their own kebayas. They were really enthusiastic. Even some of them put on Javaneese bride kebayas with jasmine flowers, while the others were wearing “kebaya encim”, bun, and make up. They looked funny and very adorable with those kebayas, but still they were just innocent like other children. LIA also provided photo booth with LIA background for them to have pictures taken with their friends and teachers. And finally, 7 (seven) contestants with the best costumes were chosen and given interesting merchandises by LIA Medan. Those who got them are Hijriyah, Gania, Hani, Falliny, Cut Risyadiarra, Siti Artanti (Bintang), and Riffa Nedytha. Congrats, dear!