Colloquium and Academic Gathering at Pramuka

TTD LIA conducted Colloquium and Academic Gathering at Pramuka, Jakarta from September 29 to October 2, 2014 to boost teachers’ quality and spirit as what was stated on the themes “Continuous Improvements for Quality Learning and From Knowledge to Competence”. After watching Pendet dance by LIA Pramuka students, all participants were encouraged by Mr.  Julius Martinez’ presentation about Quality CAR (Class Action Research) from the Philippines. They got inspired and challenged to do researches in their classes, so that there will be continuous improvements for quality learning. Mr. Julius said, “We don’t just call it quality, but quaLIAty, by LIA way. Then you must do quality Class Action Research for the sake of quaLIAty and quality students…. Here are my tips: SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound). ”Next, on the following day, their special thanks went to Jennifer Uhler (from RELO/Regional English Language Officer, US Embassy) who shared with them about leadership goals that teachers must achieve wherever they are. As their reflection, they were assigned to list down 3 goals they would like to achieve personally concerning their teaching. After that, the teachers got motivated again when joining John Cruft’s presentation from Oxford University Press. He was such a great plenary speaker and his teaching techniques are worth trying. Mr Suyono from TTD (Teacher Training Development) LIA wrapped up the presentation, “Help students go beyond knowledge. That’s what we call ‘Competence, Putting Knowledge Into Action’. Then, they will put their competence into real life action (Performance). Finally, they will contribute something to Indonesia as the long-term impact.” (Rubintang Naomi)