LIA National Summit Meeting 2014 : Professionalism and Togetherness To Boost Employees’ Marketing Spirit for A More Sustainable LIA

The fourth LIA National Summit was held in Medan on August 20-24, 2014 with the theme Professionalism and Togetherness To Boost Employees’ Marketing Spirit for a More Sustainable LIA. It took place at Aryaduta Hotel,  Medan and was attended by the Board of LIA Foundation, Unit Managers, LBPP-LIA branch managers throughout Indonesia, and PERMILIA (Persatuan Mitra LIA). This National Summit Meeting is an annual event which aims to make LIA, the best and widespread English education foundation in Indonesia, continually improve service quality to Indonesian people, especially in English education. In this  occasion, Drs. Marasutan Siregar M Ed, the Chief Education Office of Medan (Kadisdik), and Drs. Dzulmi Eldin M.Si, the mayor of Medan, hoped that LIA Foundation can help improve Indonesian education, especially in Medan in order to better compete globally by bringing forth professional and competitive human resources  in facing global challenges in the future.

To achieve these objectives, the director of LBPP-LIA, Luz Ismail, MA, said that LIA will open some new programs like English for kindergarten level and English for high school and university students to improve their TOEFL scores within average of 500. LBPP-LIA Medan students also enlivened the event with their dance and drama about the origin of Lake Toba with Medan distinctive dialect. They made this summit meeting very memorable. With the spirit of togetherness and professionalism, LIA will be more advanced and increasingly well known by Indonesian society and contribute its best to the advancement of education in Indonesia, especially in English language education. Go LIA!

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